All window coverings help defend your home against summer heat and winter cold. The design, materials and construction of the window coverings discussed here enable them to make a more significant contribution to energy efficiency.

Energy efficient window treatments help you to:

  • Cut heat loss in winter and increase your home’s cozy comfort as they slow the escape of warm air. Window treatments act as insulation, covering glass to keep warm air inside (see illustration above).

  • Cut infiltration of solar heat, the single largest contributor to the workload of your home’s cooling system.

  • Save money on utilities and save the natural resources used to generate energy.

  • Save your interior fabrics, furnishings and woods from fading and deterioration.

With energy prices on the rise, it makes good sense to upgrade your window coverings!


At Hoffman’s Window Fashions we take the guess work out of which window coverings provide the most insulation. Some treatments just block the sun or provide privacy, and in most cases that’s sufficient. But in some instances a greater degree of insulation is desired. When the glass in your home or office heats up from the sun, that heat begins to radiate into the room. A window covering with a good R-value can buffer this transfer and make a noticeable difference in overall room temperature. This also works in extreme cold temperatures when the glass becomes cold to the touch.Find out which treatments provide the greatest degree of insulation against heat and cold.

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