Why Energy Efficient Window Treatments are a good idea

Use of energy efficient window treatments are a good idea for a variety of reasons:
• Reduces heat loss in the winter
• Keeps rooms at a cool temperature in the summer
• Save on energy costs
• Protect furniture and rugs from sun damage
Draperies need to be closed. Blackout lining protects from summer sun and heat and thermal lined drapes are good and keeping your rooms warm in the winter.

Windows account for 25% of annual heating and cooling costs, according to the US Department of Energy. In the winter hang draperies as close to the window as possible. Tape or Velcro the sides of the draperies to the wall to keep the cool air out.

In the summer months medium colored drapes with white backing and reduce heat by 33%. Again, the draperies need to be kept closed for maximum benefit.
Every bit counts when saving energy and use of energy efficient window treatments are a great way to keep your costs down.



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