New Ideas for Basement Windows

Basement windows are generally a challenge when it comes to window treatments since these windows are usually high on the wall, are wider than high and are spaced at intervals. However, there are some creative options that you can use to improve the look of this space:
• Draperies – keep them light and airy and a similar color to the wall. These can be used even if there are no windows – giving the illusion of larger windows.
• Shutters – look neat and clean and disguise the size of the window. These can be layered with draperies.
• Blinds or window film – high contrast works in certain situations.
• Furniture below the windows to break up the long, empty walls. Shelves, cabinets or a TV would work to fill the space.
• Paneling to reach the windows is another option to break up the empty space.
Other decorating tricks, such as mirrors below the windows or on an opposite wall, is another option. Use your imagination and you will be amazed and how great your room looks.

Check out some of the ideas on Pinterest.

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