Placement of your Window Treatments

Your draperies will appear elegant and professional if you know the correct way to place them. Regardless of the material you choose and type of draperies, always extend the draperies at least 3 inches beyond each side of the window frame. Hang the draperies a minimum of 4 inches and a maximum of 12 inches above the woodwork for a well-designed look. Press or steam the draperies for the finishing touch.
There are plenty of options for hems also – while it is common to barely graze the floor for operational draperies for cleaning, depending on the look you desire, there are some other options:
• A trouser kick breaks 1-2 inches on the floor
• A puddle breaks a minimum of inches on the floor
The length should not stop at the window sill unless it is over a tub, sink or window. While curtains are generally, lighter, unlined and less formal, draperies are formal and lined or include inner lined curtains. They can be operative (able to move) or stationary. Valances can add a decorative touch and hide decorative hardware. Cornices are like valances only hard rather than soft and are usually upholstered onto a board. Cornices can add depth and character to a small room. Swags are formal and hang horizontally, jabots are the pleated portion down the side.

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